Miro Spinelli and Michelle Mattiuzzi, Gordura Trans # 18 e Merci Beaucoup, Blanco!, photo by Francisco Costa

Brasil Experiments: Life & Art & Living in the Neocolonial Hemisphere

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This three day symposium will gather artists, scholars, & activists to present their work (performance, theater, lecture, film, dance parties, music, poetry, street actions) as modes of reflecting, analyzing and resisting the current social-political conditions crushing the civil society in Brasil. This event is an NYU wide effort. 

Pre-symposium Event:

April 2, COLONIA (lecture-performance), 6.30pm to 7.30pm followed by reception.

Symposium Schedule:

April 3, Symposium from 10AM to 6.30pm

April 4, Symposium from 10AM to 6.30pm

*******A more detailed schedule will be published soon! 

SYMPOSIUM PARTICIPANTS: Ricardo Aleixo , Denise Ferreira da Silva, Dora Silva Santana, Eleonora Fabião, José Fernando Azevedo, Jota Mombaça, Felipe Ribeiro, Vinicius Arneiro, Renato Livera, Susana Amaral, Miro Spinelli, Michelle Mattiuzzi, Wagner Schwartz, Lua Girino, Fabian Lopes, Luisa Marinho

SYMPOSIUM COSPONSORS: NYU Office of Global Research Initiative, IPA, CLACS, Dept of Spanish and Portuguese, Dept of Performance Studies, CSGS, Dept of Museum Studies.