Siting A/P/A Studies: A Celebration of Scholars

book celebration, presentations, & a roundtable discussion with Cristina Beltrán, Liz Ellis, Nicole Fleetwood, Nell Geiser, Ronak K. Kapadia, Manu Karuka, & Jan Padios

Ronak K. Kapadia, Gender & Women’s Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago
Manu Karuka, American Studies, Barnard College
Jan Padios, American Studies, University of Maryland
We celebrate three new books by alums from the NYU Doctoral Program in American Studies with a series of presentations, one-on-one conversations, and a roundtable discussion.
In Insurgent Aesthetics: Security and the Queer Life of the Forever War (Duke University Press, 2019), Ronak K. Kapadia (University of Illinois, Chicago) theorizes the world-making power of contemporary art responses to US militarism in the Greater Middle East. He is joined in conversation by Nicole Fleetwood (Rutgers University). Manu Karuka’s (Barnard College) Empire’s Tracks: Indigenous Nations, Chinese Workers, and the Transcontinental Railroad (University of California Press, 2019) boldly reframes the history of the transcontinental railroad from the perspectives of the Cheyenne, Lakota, and Pawnee tribes, and the Chinese migrants who toiled on its path. Liz Ellis (NYU Department of History) leads the discussion with Karuka. In A Nation on the Line: Call Centers as Postcolonial Predicaments in the Philippines (Duke University Press, 2018), Jan Padios (University of Maryland) examines the massive Philippine call center industry in the context of globalization, race, gender, transnationalism, and postcolonialism. Nell Geiser (Communications Workers of America) serves as her discussant. A roundtable, featuring all three authors and moderated by Cristina Beltrán (NYU Department of Social & Cultural Analysis), concludes the program.

For more information about this event, please contact the NYU Asian/Pacific/American Institute.

Presented by the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU. Co-sponsored by the NYU Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality and the NYU and Doctoral Program in American Studies/Department of Social & Cultural Analysis.



Nov 01 2019


1:00 am - 1:00 pm


20 Cooper Square, 4th Floor, New York, NY
20 Cooper Square, 4th Floor, New York, NY
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