March 3: The Present & Future of LGBT Political Identity

present future lgbtThe Present & Future of LGBT Political Identity

a lecture by Patrick Egan with discussant Leonie Huddy
March 3, Thursday
6:30 to 8 pm
Patrick J. Egan, Politics, New York University
Leonie Huddy, Political Science, SUNY Stony Brook
The U.S. Supreme Court’s extension of the right to marry to all 50 states caps a remarkable transformation in law and policy with regard to gay rights, as well as a change in Americans’ attitudes about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people whose speed is without parallel in recent American history. In this sense, LGBT people are following a path tread by many minority groups as they’ve moved away from stigma and discrimination toward de jure equality and assimilation. What does this mean for their politics? LGBTs are currently among the most loyal members of the liberal Democratic coalition in the United States. Will this cohesiveness persist, or will gay people’s political identity become less distinctive over time?
Department of Politics
19 West 4th Street, 2nd Floor, Room 217
Co-sponsored by the NYU Center for the Study of Gender & Sexuality and the Department of Politics.

This event is free & open to the public. Venue is wheelchair-accessible.
For more information about this event, contact the Center for the Study of Gender & Sexuality at csgs(at) or 212-992-9540.
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