criminalization of womxnThe Criminalization of Womxn in America: Black Womxn & Girls

a panel with Miyhosi BentonMyaisha Hayes, & Mariame Kaba, presented by Students for Criminal Justice Reform & Wagner Women’s Caucus
October 12, Thursday
5 to 7 pm

Please register here to attend.
Miyhosi Benton, Associate with the Women & Justice Project
Myaisha Hayes, Community Organizer
Mariame Kaba, educator, organizer, curator & Founder & Director of Project NIA & Co-founder of Survived & Punished

Womxn challenges the prevailing patriarchal belief that women are a subset of men and the lack of intersectionality on traditional feminist movements and discourse around “women’s issues.” At the height of mass incarceration, where approximately 2.3 million individuals are incarcerated, the conversation has been centered around the impact on men of color. Although that is a crucial conversation to have, it is important to discuss the rapid rate at which womxn are being incarcerated and marginalized as well.

Through a series of conversations, we will challenge the notion of criminalization through an intersectional lens. We will discuss the impact mass incarceration has had on womxn, but also broaden the conversation of criminalization to include the different ways womxn identities are oppressed.
The Puck Building
295 Lafayette Street
Rice Conference Room & Newman Reception Area, 2nd Floor
Please register here to attend.
Presented by the NYU Students for Criminal Justice Reform and Wagner Women’s Caucus, & co-sponsored by the Center for the Study of Gender & Sexuality.


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