Spaces of Exception: Violence, Technology and the Transgressive Gendered Body in the Indian Call Center Industry

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Radha Hegde
Media, Culture and Communication
NYU Steinhardt School of Education
Dec 2, 2009
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Institute for Public Knowledge
20 Cooper Square
5th Floor Main Conference Room
With India being drawn into global marketplace as the high-tech solution center for business problems and operations, new types of labor demands and work environments¬† have surfaced. The growing influence of new media technologies and mediated workplaces have created conditions of labor for women that entangle the categories of the national and transnational, private and public. Through a close reading of the discourse that emerged after the rape and murder of a call center employee in Bangalore, this talk engages with the sexual politics of transnational work in India’s call centers.
Radha S. Hegde is an Associate Professor in the department of Media, Culture and Communication. Her research examines three overlapping areas 1) media, globalization and migration 2) gender and transnational media cultures 3) Culture of work in new mediated environments. Her earlier work focused on the politics of reproduction and violence.
This event is open to the public with photo ID.