Women & Power 2010: Our Time to Lead conference

Women & Power 2010: Our Time to Lead
September 24–26, 2010
Join hundreds of women for a weekend of celebration and conversation guaranteed to wake up your inner leader and leave you brimming with renewed purpose. Omega’s annual Women & Power conference is one of the most celebrated women’s gatherings in the world, unique in its rich diversity of speakers, performers, and participants.
Featuring Gail Collins, Ani DiFranco, Elizabeth Lesser, Sharon Salzberg, Jennifer Buffett, Mae Jemison, Zainab Salbi and more.
This year, the conference is a call-out to women of all ages and backgrounds to become the leaders we have been waiting for. Whether you are a professional, activist, volunteer, student, artist, mother, spiritual seeker, or social visionary, it is time to dig deep, retrieve your authentic voice and values, and lead with courage and heart—at home, work, and in the world.
Hope to see you there. Thank you for forwarding to your networks.
Omega is located at 150 Lake Drive, Rhinebeck, NY 12572-3252.